How Digitalizing The Ocean Creates a Brighter Future for Everyone.

Peter Bull Hove

Lightning talkWednesday: 11:40 - 12:25Kongesalen 1

The ocean is vast and complicated. And so is the life that resides within it. In order for the ocean industry to coexist with the ocean and the life within in a secure and sustainable way, we need to gather data and gather facts. SFI Smart Ocean is a center for research-based innovation hosted by the University of Bergen. The SFI consists of over 18 partners, who cooperate in gathering data about the marine environment, creating a platform for sharing the data, and creating value for both science and the industry while at the same time protecting the marine environment. During the talk Peter will introduce what is possible with marine data, how it can be used by the the Norwegian fish farms to save costs and protect the environment, how it can be used in the off-shore wind and petroleum industry, and how a platform for sharing such data can be beneficial for everyone.