Writing notes is boring – drawing them is fun!

Morten Laugerud

Workshop (3 hours)Thursday: 09:00 - 12:15Dræggen 4

“Well I can’t draw, so this is not for me” - you might say. Then I say: “That’s nonesense! Sketchnoting is not illustration or art. It’s about ideas and communication”

Sketchnoting is a great tool for collecting thoughts and takeaways from talks, facilitate meetings or just make sense of all those crazy ideas you have in your head. And my favorite; remembering names of all the exciting and boring new people you interact with.

I this workshop we will cover some easy techniques to get started with sketchnoting. You’ll leave with your own little visual library, tips’n’tricks and confidence in your own drawing skills! All you need to discover your own way to incorporate sketchnoting in your workflow.

Still not convinced? Here are other benefits of sketchnoting - Doing something analog for a change - Stimulates creativity - Distribute cognitive load on the mind

  • It’s inclusive - Helps you remember - Easier to convey difficult or complex concepts - Its fun!