Weaving web components in a bundler-free world

Nils Norman Haukås

Workshop (3 hours)Friday: 09:00 - 12:15Dræggen 4

These days many web frameworks offer functionality for expressing reusable components. However, what is less known is that browsers have built-in support for defining web components.

Web components isn’t a new browser feature by no means. Some say that native web components has failed, and others say it’s only now with Internet Explorer 11 being phased out that we’ll finally see its potential fully realized. Additionally, we now have support for ES6 modules in all major browsers. Combine that with the concept of HTTP2 multiplexing and we have the stage set for a web development experience without a bundling step.

In this workshop we will:

  • Build native web components using test driven development.
  • Work with native browser APIs.
  • See how web components can be embedded in frameworks such as React.
  • Finally, we’ll benchmark our work and discuss its implications.

My goal for this workshop is to give participants a head start into building and using web components, and to get an idea of how this technology might be put to good use.

Intended audience: To attend you should have a basic knowledge of how to work with HTML, CSS, JavaScript and the command line. And bring a laptop unless you’re pairing up with a friend who has one.