Will Webauth end phishing?

Martin Valen

Lightning talkWednesday: 11:40 - 12:25Kongesalen 2+3

Too many of our users are fooled by phishing attacks and hand over their login credentials to third parties with evil intentions. Our ways of fighting phishing are either that the user needs to be more alert, or that they’ll need to install something that makes their lives more difficult. If only some technology existed that simultaneously make phishing harder and make our users' lives easier!

Browsers that support Webauthn allow users to log in using biometrics instead of a password! This results in a solution that may both prevent phishing and feel smooth for the end user!

I’ll explain how this works, why it’s safe, and how a Webauthn flow might look in the end. After listening to this talk, you’ll have the basic understanding you need to be able to start using Webauthn yourself, in addition to a burning desire to test it!